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Our Offer

We provide our customers with a wide range of management consulting services, such as

  • Project Management
  • Support in the creation and design of a Quality Management System
    (DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2000) as well as conversion from ISO 9000 : 1994
  • Training and Documentation
  • Application Consulting
  • Hardware and Database Consulting
  • High Availability Transaction Processing Concepts
  • Scalable Data Warehouse Consulting
  • Logistic Consulting
  • Internet Consulting

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Project Management

Before starting a project, we create a feasibility study with risk analysis and detailed project plan. A qualified project manager coordinates all participants, controls the costs and reports periodically to the customer. We indicate possible risks and generate corresponding solutions. The project baselines are distributed to all participants periodically. Upon closing the project, the customer will receive a detailed project report.


Application Consulting

For the selection of any business critical application we provide our customer with services as for example:

  • Development of detailed request for tender
  • Support in the analysis of quotations and vendor selection
  • Support of application introduction
  • Analysis of presently used applications with regard to convenient usage or necessary modifications.


Software Introduction

To save company resources for the application provider as well as for the customer we offer a wide range of services around the introduction of standard software.

This includes the elaboration of concepts for introduction and training, project management, coordination, control of cost and risks, individual training material as well as success control and success management.

DIN EN ISO 9001:2000
Quality Management System

For the introduction of a new Quality Management System or the upgrade of an existing system to the new process oriented standard ISO 9001:2000 we support you with a wide range of services, e. g. project management, process analysis, collection of documents and forms, support of process descriptions, design of quality manual, user training, audit support and system optimization.


Training and Documentation

We offer a wide range of company related trainings for standard software products and operating systems (e. g. Microsoft Office, Windows) as well as for other applications
(e. g. ERP-, CRM-, Accounting-, Controlling-Software).

Additionally we provide software developers and software user with a documentation service (programme documentation, company specific or common user manuals, etc.) and preparation of training materials.


Hardware / Database Consulting

In order to select a new hardware, we provide you with a wide range of services, e.g. preparing RFT, product and vendor selection or cost/benefit analysis.

In case you decide to install a Scalable Data Warehouse, we support you with our knowledge of various data base engines and help you to select the suitable product.


Logistic Consulting

We develop customised integrated logistic concepts for distribution, warehousing and supply chain management. This includes application and/or vendor selection as well as integration support. In addition, we support the extension and integration of existing applications.


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